About Jack

From the Carpenter Family:

“Hi, my name is Jack, Jack Carpenter.” This was Jack’s response anytime he was asked his name. Our only son, Jack Allan Carpenter, was born November 2, 2006. He came into our lives as a bundle of energy joining his three older sisters Sydney, Paige and Brooke. Then twenty-one months later Jack became the big brother to his fourth sister Allison.

Jack was our energetic, never stopping, fearless little boy. He was all boy through and through. There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t try or anything he didn’t think he could do. Determination and will power were very abundant in Jack. He loved to run. Running as fast as he could was one of his favorite things to do.  He was always running or playing with his sisters, especially Allison. The two of them were “thick as thieves.” A few weeks before his death we caught him trying to teach Allison (who just turned two) how to climb out of her crib. It was hilarious. Jack was always teaching Allison new things. He was very protective of his little sister. They both thought the world of each other. And Jack’s three older sisters thought the world of the both of them as well.  Jack and Allison were usually the center of our family’s entertainment on a daily basis. He was such a funny kid. Jack had a smile and a personality that were contagious. Plus the sparkle in his eyes just lit up the room when he entered. You couldn’t help but to fall in love with him. He had such a bright future.

On Tuesday September 7th, 2010 Jack’s day started out like any other Tuesday in his world. He woke up, got himself dressed and ate his favorite cereal, cheerios, for breakfast.  Then off to school he went. Jack had a great day at school. He was the line leader because he brought snacks that day. He couldn’t believe that all he had to do was bring snacks and he got to be line leader, such a big deal. Jack made hot dogs with play dough and insisted his helper eat them. He painted a picture in his favorite color, orange, and played outside with his friends. His teacher even let him climb on the wall. He had a fantastic day and ran to me with open arms when I picked him up that day. He was smiling from ear to ear and his eyes were sparkling.

We decided to visit grandma on the way home from school. What a perfect way to keep a perfect day going. So we surprised Grandma. Allison and Jack played, watched Diego and ate chili for lunch. Then Jack decided he was ready to go home. As we were getting in the car Jack and Allison yelled “Grandma” and ran to the back deck. While loading the car, a car drove by and honked its horn, in a matter of seconds Jack and Allison had crossed the street and were standing on the side of the road holding hands. A truck came in to view.  Jack turned, looked at Allison, let go of her hand, smiled and as fearless as ever took off running as fast as he could. He came up two feet short. The truck hit him and didn’t stop. Our lives were forever changed in that split second.

We will always remember Jack as an energetic, never stopping, playmate of his four loving sisters. Although, we only had him for a short time he was a true blessing in our lives and made such an impact in everyone’s lives in such a short time. He entered our lives as a bundle of energy and left us running the only way he knew how, as fast as he could. That was Jack!!

A day at the beach, August 2010

Age 2, 2010

Swimming at the cabin, July 2010